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Beijing Guitar Duo Concert Review

The escape of an evening concert may be gauged in how easily one can forget where they are and in how far away they think they’ve travelled. It’s forgetting where you are, where you came from, and how you got there — it’s about taking a leave from the mundane in exchange for the extraordinary.

The Beijing Guitar Duo was able to do exactly that for the Florida Guitar Foundation’s debut season concert.

Presented at UM’s Clarke Recital Hall in Coral Gables, the exuberant duo was able to bring the air of the evening was one of relaxation and recess. Guitarists Meng Su and Yameng Wang did no wrong in their performance of original pieces, beloved transcriptions of some classics, as well as celebrated duo compositions.

The two musicians originally met at the Central Conservatory in Beijing where they began playing as a duo. They then came to the states to study at Baltimore’s Peabody Conservatory, where the duo officially took off as the acclaimed Beijing Guitar Duo.

And none of the duo’s practice was lost in translation of the evening’s concert in Coral Gables. When some duo’s can sometimes abridge the pieces they perform, the Beijing Duo did nothing short of enriching their performances, proclaim the clarity of their sound and maintaining subtle coloration and wonderful abstractions.

Key to the duo’s performance was their precision in synchronicity — Su and Wang matched each other perfectly in their respective melodies and wonderfully agreeable harmonies. And their solos! Wang’s individual rendition of Reverie was a romantic steppingstone of the evening, while the more fanciful Rondo was stylized inquisitively by Su.

The energy of the evening was of a rhythmic wonder. The duo received an applauding demand for more, and they came back with febrile virtuosity. They satisfied more than the audience’s pallet for mirthful melodies, but a desire among all to just get away. We hope to see Su and Wang back in town soon.